About us


 The White Book is a couture-inspired, classically sophisticated, artisan event design and styling boutique.

We are known for our garden-inspired softness with a French-chic edge. We believe each event is a much like a Monet masterpiece, beginning with a blank canvas and layering beautiful techniques, colours and textures to perfectly capture the unique qualities, personalities and love of each client and company. We love creating timelessly beautiful events, blending art, interior design, technology, home accents and of course flowers on flowers on flowers. We combine the individual style of each client and brand with new ideas, trends and design elements to elevate the aesthetic into an unparalleled experience.  We believe in transparency, amazing client services and the best part; completely bespoke, unique event.

Fun is a must with us so whether its great chats in a pretty café or couch brainstorming at our Toronto East-end office, we can’t wait to dive into your loves, inspirations, products, Instagram-stalker worthy brands and love stories and bring them all to life. 

We can’t wait to meet you and here’s a little bit about what you can expect when working with us!

Our Muse

Every artist, photographer and even woman has a muse, and ours...is Stella. She is a stylish, successful and fun woman in her late twenties and she is the epitome of class. Always needing to fill her home with fresh blush bouquets yet layering secret tattoos of pretty blooms and scripts to add that mystery to her life. She is seeking adventure and following her passion, Stella only offers her time to things that inspire her, enlighten her and push to her to live her fullest, most imaginative life. Long lush lashes, soft wavy curls, the perfect messy french bun and of course the perfect understated accessory are her favourite things. She loves neutrals (especially black), but loves adding touches of floral patterns and soft pink to her wardrobe. She values luxury, but also a more personal service, ensuring she always creates more meaningful connections with people that pass through her life. If you're looking to meet her, you'll most likely find her sitting in the most trendy, but privately owned cafe sipping pretty coffee and reading up on the latest #bossbabe book. She empowers women through kindness, hustle and style and creates waves in her field

This is Stella and she is the vision, dream and muse behind The White Book.


if Stella is the embodiment of you, your brand or your dream life...